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Supporting the Petit Palais is a way of making your name part of the history of this prestigious institution, which became the Museum of Fine Arts of the City of Paris in 1902. Without the generosity of donors, enthusiastic collectors, the Petit Palais would not be able to present such an outstanding collection.


Patronage can be defined as material support provided, through a donation in cash, in kind or in skills, to an organisation of public interest. Patronage is a philanthropic act and does not entail a direct quid pro quo from the beneficiary to the patron. However, French law allows the beneficiary to thank the patron by granting compensatory privileges as long as there is a "significant disproportion" between the sums donated and the value of the service rendered – within an admissible limit of 25% of the amount of the donation.  

Patronage also entitles the donor to a reduction in French corporate income tax of 60% of the amount of the donation, up to a maximum of 0.5% of pre-tax turnover.



Sponsorship can be defined as material support for an event, a person, a product or an organisation, with a view to procuring a direct commercial return from that support. Sponsorship schemes are considered to be commercial activities intended to promote the image of the sponsor and are invoiced on a VAT taxable basis.

In a sponsorship transaction, the sponsor enjoys compensation equivalent to their commitment.

Our team is always available to discuss tailor-made partnership with you.


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