Museum Map

Plan du Petit Palais

A. Decorative murals by Albert Besnard
B. Decorative murals by F. Cormon
C. Decorative murals by A. Roll
D. North pavilion, with decorative murals by F. Humbert
E. South pavilion, with decorative murals by G. Picard
F. Vaulted ceilings painted by Baudoüin
G. Dutuit cupola by Maurice Denis
H. Wrought-iron work
I. Stained-glass windows from the Champigneulle studio
J. Facchina mosaics

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Tour itinerary

The 19th century
 Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
15. Carpeaux and portraiture
16. Realist portraits
17. Neoclassical and Romantic portraits
22. Historicism
23. Delacroix and Romanticism
24. Ingres and Troubador art
39. The Paris Universal Exhibitions
40. Dalou, the sculptor

The Renaissance - 16th
Jewellery and precious metalwork
32. Italy, France and Northern Europe

The Classical World
Rome and the Roman Empire
34. The Greek World

Middle Ages
The Middle Ages and the Renaissance

The art of the icon

Arts graphiques
Graphic arts


Paris 1900
1. The decorative arts in 1900
2. Carrière, Parisian decorative murals
18. Moreau and Symbolism
19. Carriès, sculptor and potter
20. Guimard and Art Nouveau
21. Vuillard and the revival of decorative murals
37. The Champs-Elysées, from its origins to 1900
38. The Petit Palais and its history

The 19th century
 Roll and Naturalism
4. Courbet and Realism
5. Dalou and celebration of the Republic
6. Doré and the Christian tradition
7. Monet and landscape painting
8. Cézanne and modernism
13. Sculpture under the peristyle

The 18th century
10. Art in the reign of Louis XV
11. Art in the reign of Louis XV
12. Art in the reign of Louis XVI

The 17th century
26. Portraits and figures
27. Landscapes
28. Landscapes
29. Still life
30. Historical paintings


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