History of exhibitions

Built for the Paris Exposition of 1900, during which it hosted a retrospective exhibition of French art from its origins to 1800, a decorative arts exhibition organised by the State, the Petit Palais, which became the Palais des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris in 1902, has organised some of the most important French exhibitions.

Exposition Bourdelle 1933 L'art italien 1935 Maîtres de l'art indépendant 1937 La Vierge dans l'art français 1949
1933 1935 1937 1949

A complete list of exhibitions organised at the Petit Palais between 1900 and 2008 is available here

Presentation details for exhibitions organised since 2008 can be viewed here

Archival holdings for exhibitions at the Petit Palais are very extensive, although they vary according to the exhibitions: some have several boxes, while nothing has been conserved for others. The holdings can be consulted by appointment at the documentary resources centre. Please note that for the most recent exhibitions, some of the archives cannot be communicated under Article L 213.2 of the Heritage Code or copyright law.

Here is a selection of some of the most important exhibitions previously organised by the Petit Palais:

Exhibition of works of art damaged or rescued from regions devastated by the enemy, 1916-1917 (Exposition d’œuvres d'art mutilées ou provenant de régions dévastées par l'ennemi)

Italian Art from Cimabue to Tiepolo, 1935 (L'Art Italien de Cimabue à Tiepolo)

The Masters of Independent Art 1895-1937, 1937 (Les maîtres de l'Art Indépendant, 1895-1937)

Homage to Pablo Picasso, 1966-1967 (Hommage à Pablo Picasso)

Tutankhamun and his Time, 1967 (Toutankhamon et son temps)