Rules relating to the making of individual copies in the permanent collection rooms of the Petit Palais


Sketching is authorised in the permanent collection rooms of the museum.

Sketching is exempt from any formal requirements, provided it does not restrict the view or circulation of visitors and on condition of using dry techniques only and being executed on a piece of card, a board or a pad whose longest edge does not exceed 40 cm. Otherwise, it will be regarded as similar to work on a support and subject to the rules set out below. 

The use of fixative is strictly prohibited.

Sketching in groups requires reservation of a time slot via the museum’s educational and cultural service.

Use of a tripod is authorised provided it does not obstruct other visitors.


In accordance with the provisions of the Order of 14 October 1946, the work of copyists, whether professionals, amateurs or art-college students, may only concern works exhibited in the permanent collection rooms, and these must not be moved under any circumstances.

Work on a support (drawings, paintings, or any other form of artistic work) must receive prior authorisation from the museum management.