Bookshop - Gift shop

The bookshop-gift shop at the Petit Palais, located at the exit of the permanent collections, offers the discerning public, visitors, connoisseurs and browsers a place to peruse informative books or to treat themselves to something special.

The stock is in keeping with the spirit of the building – a palace which has become a museum. There are reference books on French art circa 1900 covering architecture and areas of the plastic arts encompassed by the museum collections. The other highlights of the collections (the 1900s, the 19th and 18th centuries, 17th century painting, the Renaissance and Middle Ages, icons and Greco-Roman antiquities) are represented by a selection of standard works.

Pride of place is given to works specific to the Petit Palais collections (icons, the decorative arts, etc.). There are also publications from City of Paris museums.

The objects selected for the gift shop pay tribute to the heritage of the museum seen afresh through the eyes of contemporary artists (jewellery, tableware and items for the home) – little objects which bring a touch of beauty to everyday life.

Major exhibitions provide an opportunity to make a wider selection of books available on the cultures or eras on display to visitors.