The museum Resource Centre has a 14-seat reading room and researchers are welcome by appointment.

Centre de documentation
Entrance from the back of the building

5, avenue Dutuit - 75008 Paris
Access by appointment - Monday to Friday

From 9:30 to 12:30 am and from 2:00 to 5:00 pm
Phone: +33 1 53 43 40 00 Requesting an appointment

You will be asked for ID or a professional card at reception in exchange for a "visitor" badge.

For all request to consult our documentary holdings, please specify the purpose of your research and the documents you wish to consult (archives, document files, etc.).

N.B. Consultation requests related to the museum’s collections (drawings, prints, heritage works, etc.) must be for the purposes of academic or professional research.

Ordering reproductions

To obtain reproductions of works belonging to the Petit Palais, two procedures have been put in place, depending on whether or not the images are subject to copyright:

Reproductions of 2D works belonging to the Petit Palais which are not subject to copyright can be downloaded in high definition (300 dpi) and reused freely, including for commercial use, via the Paris Musées collections portal: These images are easily identifiable: they are marked "CCØ" and have a "Download" button.

To obtain reproductions of 3D works or 2D works subject to copyright, please send your request to the digital resources service of Paris Musées:

We kindly request students and researchers who reproduce one or more works belonging to the Petit Palais in academic publications to send us a copy of the relevant pages for our documentation:

City of Paris municipal collection's website

City of Paris municipal collection's website

The collections portal can be used to search the collections of Paris’s 14 municipal museums (approximately 336,000 works, including 43,000 belonging to the Petit Palais).

It is also possible to download around 12,000 images of the museum’s works free of charge.

Access the Museums of the City of Paris collections portal
Digital library

Digital library

The Petit Palais has undertaken the digitization of some of its old exhibition and collection catalogs and collection. The documents are freely downloadable for noncommercial use in the Digital Library section.

Accéder à la bibliothèque numérique