Masterpieces of Petit Palais

Les chefs-d’œeuvre du Petit Palais Discover © Petit Palais / Roger-Viollet

Discover the Petit Palais' masterpieces

This portfolio gathers a selection of aesthetic, technical or symbolic treasures of the Petit Palais' collections.

Cabinet des arts graphiques

Resource center

Le Cabinet des arts graphiques du Petit Palais possède une impressionnante collection de plus de trente-six mille feuilles conservées en réserve en raison de leur fragilité. Cet ensemble est accessible sur demande adressée à la conservation.

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Thematic discovering of the collections Discover

Thematic discovering of the collections

Explore the Petit Palais' and the City of Paris Museums' collections through thematic selections of works.


Petit Palais' collections

There is a great variety of artefacts in the museum, donated by enthusiastic and eclectic collectors. Within the same room can be found paintings, sculptures and works of art linking the main artistic movements from Ancient Greece right up to the First World War.

Petit Palais' collections Discover

Resource center

Resource center

The museum Resource Center has a 14-seat reading room and researchers are welcome by appointment.

Entrance from the back of the building
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