This work does not reproduce the veil bearing the impression of Christ’s face, but the features are conventional, with a high forehead, straight nose and long wavy hair.

The smooth beard ending in a single point is typically Russian and is related to the image of the Saviour with a wet beard. This is an allusion to the fact that Christ is said to have washed his face before sending his portrait to Abgar. The face of Christ has been reinserted into a more recent wooden board. This common practice enabled the old parts of damaged icons to be saved and therefore to avoid losing holy images.

The halo bears the Greek initials for the name by which God revealed himself to Moses: “I am who I am” (Ex. 3,14).

City of Paris municipal collection's website

City of Paris municipal collection's website

The collections portal can be used to search the collections of Paris’s 14 municipal museums (approximately 336,000 works, including 43,000 belonging to the Petit Palais).

It is also possible to download around 12,000 images of the museum’s works free of charge.

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