These two icons come from the Deisis level of an iconostasis. This screen separating the choir from the nave of orthodox churches is covered in icons laid out in a traditional order.

The Deisis in the centre is composed of the Omnipotent Christ between the Mother of God and Saint John the Baptist, surrounded by the archangels Michael and Gabriel representing the celestial forces standing guard around the Lord.

These icons were probably painted in northern Russia, as is suggested by the large faces of the archangels, their rather squat bodies and the economy of colours used – white, black, ochre, green and red.

City of Paris municipal collection's website

City of Paris municipal collection's website

The collections portal can be used to search the collections of Paris’s 14 municipal museums (approximately 336,000 works, including 43,000 belonging to the Petit Palais).

It is also possible to download around 12,000 images of the museum’s works free of charge.

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