Advantages to patrons and sponsors

The Petit Palais is part of the Public administration Paris Musées that gathers the museums of the City of Paris. Our patrons and partners enjoys a privileged relationship with the CIty of Paris and many other advantages.

Our partners and sponsors enjoy a privileged relationship with the City of Paris museums and many advantages, too:

  • powerful image association and special visibility in our publications
  • a deduction from corporation tax of 60% of the amount of the donation, up to a limit of 0.5% of turnover.
  • preferential access to our exhibitions and collections
  • prestigious events for your customers and employees


raise awareness of your commitment

Becoming a corporate partner of the Petit Palais enhances a company's institutional image by associating it with the reputation of this prestigious museum. Every major project undertaken by the Petit Palais involves a major publicity campaign in which the partners are actively involved.

A partnership initiative is also beneficial to a company's in-house communications. The company's teams receive information about sponsored projects and are encouraged to become involved in them thanks to the special advantages offered by Paris Musées (e.g. preferential admission to exhibitions and cultural programmes, free passes, private visits, and more).


Public Relations

The Petit Palais can provide a stunning location for your corporate events. These spaces, some of which can accommodate up to 600 people, can be made available to partners under very favourable conditions. More informations

Becoming a Petit Palais corporate partner is also a way of bolstering your network of economic decision-makers, enjoying a good relationship with the museum network and, more broadly, with the City of Paris. When you become involved with Paris Musées, you join a dynamic network of partner companies.

Our team is always available to discuss tailor-made solutions with you.

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