Middle Ages

The collections on display in the "Western Christian World" section include art objects, paintings and sculptures of religious subjects from the major historical centres of the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance: the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy.

Our set of art objects, mainly from the Dutuit collection, is limited in number but exceptional in terms of quality: French ivory work from the 14th and 16th centuries, 13th and 14th century Mosan and Limoges champlevé enamel works, and finally medieval manuscripts and some of the first printed books.

In addition, a beautiful set of wooden sculptures from Southern Germany and Austria, a gift from Pierre Marie (1929), illustrates some of the most popular scenes and holy figures from the late Middle Ages: the Nativity of Christ, the Dormition of the Virgin, St. George, St. Sebastian and more.


Adoration of the Child

Master of the St. Bartholomew Altarpiece The Netherlands, circa 1440/1450 – Cologne, circa 1510/1520


La Vierge assise dans une cour (Bartsch 32)

Martin Schongauer
Colmar, 1450 (?) - Vieux-Brisach, 1491


Virgin of the Annunciation

Giovanni di Turino (attributed to) 1385, Sienna (Italy) - 1455

City of Paris municipal collection's website

City of Paris municipal collection's website

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It is also possible to download around 12,000 images of the museum’s works free of charge.

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