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Centre de ressources documentaires
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Information resource center

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The museum Resource Centre has a 14-seat reading room and researchers are welcome by appointment.

Its holdings fall into several categories :
- Scientific documentation consisting of records of works, artists and donors,
- A computerised and digitised inventory of the collections,
- Scientific archives relating to exhibitions staged since the museum opened,
- A library boasting approximately 25,000 works and periodicals.

The Resource Centre has been housed in the Dutuit library since the Petit Palais reopened in 2005.

The Dutuit library

In 1912, at the request of the conservator Henry Lapauze, the architect of the Petit Palais, Charles Girault, made plans to convert the building’s attic space into a display area for antiquities as well as drawings and prints from the Dutuit collection. Work began in 1914. The walls and ceiling were decorated by the interior decorator Hector d’Espouy. The intertwined letter Ds on the green walls pay tribute to the collectors and donors, Eugène and Auguste Dutuit.
The library was only opened to the public for a few years.

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Plafond de la bibliothèque
Plafond de la bibliothèque