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Poseidon or Zeus ?

Production : Arcadia
1st or 2nd quarter of the 5th century BC
Provenance : Epidaure
H. : 17 cm

The statue represents a naked youth in motion. His feet rest on an irregularly-shaped plaque bearing the words “Hybrisstas made me”. This type of inscription is extremely rare on a bronze and reveals the maker’s name. Study of its characteristics suggest it is Arcadian in origin, with Tegea as the most likely place of manufacture.

The fairly crude and sketchy technique used on the features, the unbalanced structure with its very disproportionately protruding eyes, seem to argue in favour of an archaic period work from the 7th to the 6th century BC, a dating which has been accepted for some time. However, despite the crude nature of the incisions on certain anatomical details, the suppleness of the pose and the animation of the limbs involved in movement suggest a revised dating, placing the bronze among the works of the early 5th century BC, and the crude technique overall tallies well with what is known of the Arcadian workshops.

Unfortunately, the statuette lacks the attributes which it would have held, providing a definite identification. The right hand has disappeared, snapped at the wrist and part of the left hand is missing. The pose, which can only indicate an Olympian deity, could just as easily be Zeus brandishing a thunderbolt as Poseidon holding a trident. On the back of the right hand, the eagle of Zeus or the dolphin of the god of the seas could have rested. However the position of the flexed fingers does not allow a decision to be made with complete certainty either way.

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Hybrisstas - Poseidon or Zeus ?
Hybrisstas - Poseidon or Zeus ?
Hybrisstas - Poseidon or Zeus ?
Inventory number : ADUT00007
Acquisition details : Dutuit bequest, 1902
Room 34. The Greek World
The Classical World
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