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Admission charges

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Admission to the permanent collections is free. For temporary exhibitions charges, see below :

Individual visitors

Admission charges range from 5 to 11 euros, depending on the exhibition.

Full rate


 * students and 14- 26 year olds inclusive
 * visitors on RMI (income support)
 * visitors in receipt of the allocation parents isolés (single parent allowance)
 * visitors qualifying for the allocation personnalisée d'autonomie (domiciliary care allowance)
 * visitors in receipt of aide sociale de l'Etat pour les réfugiés  (state aid for refugees)

Reduced rate

 * visitors over the age of 60
 * the unemployed
 * school librarians currently in post
 * teachers currently in post
 * families with three or more children
 * holders of the Paris-Famille card
 * members of Sauvegarde de l'Art Français
 * members of the Société de L’Histoire de l’Art français
 * members of the Societé française d’archéologie
 * members of the Societé nationale des Antiquaires de France
 * holders of the Carte Améthyste
 * holders of the Carte Emeraude


Groups accompanied by a museum lecturer: 1h30 for 30 people maximum
Bookings: +33 (0)1 53 43 40 37 Tuesday to Friday 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm.
Admission charges vary according to the exhibition.

Full rate

Intermediate rate

 * Groups of 5 to 9 people
 * Groups booking at least two activities on the same day
 * Visitors over the age of 60

Reduced rate

 * 18 to 26 year olds
 * Teachers currently in post
 * School librarians currently in post
 * Staff at City of Paris children’s outdoor activity and leisure centres
 * The unemployed and those on RMI (income support)

Minimum rate

 * Under 18s
 * Schoolchildren
 * Visitors with disabilities
 * Groups from hospitals or specialist institutions

Groups with or without an external lecturer : admission charges vary according to the exhibition.

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